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This is the first playable version of the game. At the moment it contains a tutorial to give an impression of the gameplay.


Short version: far in the future, after a war with an alien race humanity faces extinction. As a last hope for survival big arcships are built and send into another galaxy. 12.000 years later you arrive in Centaurus A(aka NGC 5128) and need to find a new home for humanity.


Gather resources and find new technology to upgrade your ship. The player has as much freedom as possible to move around the galaxy and customize the starship. The movement of ships, projectiles and missiles is based on newtonian physics.

Every module in your ship has mass and energy emission. The more mass your ship has, the more engine thrust you need to move. The more energy you produce, the easier you are detected. All Sensor contacts are displayed as tactical icons.


Construct your own drones in your hangar. Equip them with weapons, shields, sensors or cloak. Send them out, emitting a fake energy signature to lure enemy ships away or distract incoming missiles.


The combat works with known physics and some additional sci-fi technology. 

Features work in progress

  • More content: Events, places to discover like nebulae and black holes, asteroid belts
  • AI improvements
  • Music, sound effects
  • Modability


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